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Son repeats his father’s mistakes

  1. Conflict with his father.

  2. Blaming her father for every problem in her life.

  3. He may not allow his sister to have a share in the parental property.

  4. There may be deviation from what the family had stood for.

  5. Forgotten the promise made to the father.

  6. Forgo the interest of his father.

  7. Repeat his father’s mistakes.

  8. Not utilizing the resources of his father at the right time.

  9. Deviated from the principle of his father regarding business.

  10. Dispute over the share of the property.

  11. One might not be on talking terms with the father. When does one need to look into these issues – only when there is a pain or when one gets hurt on the right knee? Then we can say the male guiding self is reminding us.


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