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Solutions from nowhere

ClientI am new to the company. Though technically good, I need help from my seniors in the company to solve the day-to-day issues. My boss asked me to solve a problem, which I don’t know tail and head. Can your Bach Flower Remedies solve my problem?


ClientI chanted for around 10 minutes. I got an idea and suggested it to my seniors. However, my seniors ignored it as that couldn’t be the solution for the problem. After two hours of research and trying out different ideas, finally they tried the idea suggested by me. Amazing! It worked and solved the problem!! The interesting thing is I don’t know why I suggested the solution either!!! An idea popped into my head and I suggested it.

NaranWhen you don’t know where to go for to find the solution (like you are stuck inside a dark cave and you don’t know how to get out) the Bach Flower MUSTARD will help you find light – solution. You don’t have means to solve it: (Bach Flower Remedy) OAK. (Gem remedy) GREEN TOURMALINE will help you generate ideas.

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