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Simple ways to meditate Part II

  1. When you meditate, place the index finger at the base of the thumb on both the hands. Breathing will get deeper and you could meditate properly, as shallow breathing spoils it.

  2. Don’t take the index finger straight away move your finger to the base of the thumb. First touch the tip of thumb with the index finger. Then after some time, move the index finger to the middle of the thumb, and finally the base of the thumb.

  3. Don’t do it mechanically. Feel the breath with a conscious awareness.

  4. Observing your breathing is also a good way to meditate. This is part of meditation known as Vipassana meditation.Space Meditation

  5. After learning to breathe well, do the space meditation.

  6. Be aware of the space between the chair you are sitting and the wall. Don’t look at the wall. Instead look at the space between you and the wall.

  7. This is known as ‘Space Meditation’. Keep the eyes open throughout. Bach Flower Remedies as Aids to Meditation White chestnut helps to remove our thoughts, Chestnut bud not to have any distractions and Willow if you think one or the other bothers you. Chant Mantra during Meditation It’s nature of our mind to cling to something. You can choose a mantra to do that. After sometime you should be able to say goodbye to it. Mantra itself is not divinity. It means constantly thinking about a word, which is a mantra. Ultimately that also should go. When it will go? We don’t know. May be, it’s not in this Janma.


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