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Sign of Gratitude and Humility

Updated: May 31

Naran S Balakumar
We have a short-term memory. When you are stranded in the Railway station, finding it difficult to carry your luggage, some helping hand came and helped you get into the train. It happens to all the people in different life situations – somewhere you were helped by somebody. Do you remember them now? On so many occasions, unknown persons came and helped you. Can you remember any of those persons? You were searching for a person or place and you were helped by somebody to find it easily. Do you remember that person? Do you recognize the person who cleans the garbage in your street? You were looking for a good hotel to eat. Somebody guided you. Do you remember the name of the hotel, the person who guided you or the one who served you? Your child was crying. You were busy with something, unable to attend to the child. That time, some person offered to take over the child and calmed it. Except a word of ‘thanks’ we wouldn’t have said anything to that person. Neither could we remember them. You left your luggage in the taxi. You had several imaginations. You didn’t expect the taxi driver to return the luggage to you. However, he came back and hands it over to you. You just pay him some money and forget about it.
Was paid pension throughout his lifetime In March 29, 1914, a French lady came to Pondicherry in search of Sri Aurobindo, without knowing the whereabouts of him, who appeared to her in the form of Lord Krishna. Even though she was in the street where Sri Aurobindo lived, she couldn’t locate his house. She enquired the person who was running a hotel, ‘Where does Sri Aurobindo Gosh live’. The man directly pointed to the door of the house. That lady ascertains the name and address of the person who pointed the house of Sri Aurobindo. Every month thereafter, for the rest of his life, she sent him a fixed amount because he pointed the house of Aurobindo to her. That’s none other than The Mother. She is an embodiment of Gratitude. Mother went and saw Sri Aurobindo and the rest is history.

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