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Scared to take the exam

Geetha K L I am working in a company and our company conducts tests and we need to clear the same which will be considered for the appraisal/promotion. There will be 3 attempts per year. I am not able to clear in 3 attempts also in the previous year. This year I have got to clear it. Already I have taken 1st attempt and couldn’t clear. There are 2 more attempts left. I am really frustrated. You had told me to chant “ELM, TOGETHER”. Will it be enough? I am scared to take exam thinking if I will again fail.

NaranDoubts can spoil all our attempts. It is faith and faith alone that carries us forward.

Geetha K L  Thanks a lot for your advice. I took today online exam and cleared. I chanted “ELM TOGETHER” daily and also wrote 100 times in book 4-5 days before exam. I am really feeling very confident now.

Explanation Together:  the switch word to nullify the internal resistance to pass the exam Elm: the Bach Flower remedy to handle the task, which we consider too big and difficult to accomplish


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