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Resolving Life Situations with Switch words and Animal Spirit Guides

Animal spirits are there, to help us. They can be called for any kind of help. God is helping us through nature – Bach Flower remedies and Animal spirit guides. Life Situational RemediesLife SituationsRemedies/Animal Spirit(s)Assuming no problem between husband and wife physically – they need to beget a childRabbit photo should be there in the bed room.Someone criticizes and attacks you verballyHareTo maintain your distance and space; make the criticising person leave youHare, Polar BearTo have fun and joyTo feel elatedPray, “Hey humming bird give me fun and joy”For mediation and conciliation; in Hindi crane is called as Saras — which means easy, therefore mediation is easy.CraneTo remain calm and composedBe positive in challenging times and harshest conditionsCamel and PenguinWhen there is too much worry about moneySquirrel and KingfisherIf you want to command respectWe may feel shy as we mayn’t know anybody in the party.Polar BearFor clearing any misunderstanding. We would have said something simple but the other person would have taken it seriously. It can create compassion and understanding in them.Pray to Blue Whale, “This is what I told. Please make them understand” or alternatively “Blue Whale be active in the energy field of Tom and clear the misunderstanding between us”.Harmony between husband and wifeJelly Fish is excellentYou need to be diplomatic; you have to make your point and at the same time the other person should not get angry but understand you; It’s helpful for advocates.Wherever you want things to be done call fox.Divorce proceedings may take longer.Getting good for visa. Gorse could help.FoxTo have freedom from workplace – you are stuck with lots of work and not able to get out of office.You might be planning to go out but you have a visitor not leaving your house.We are away on a holiday for 10 days. Nobody from office should disturb you.HorseWhen you blame somebody; when you blame even in mind, the other person will start blaming.Pray, “Horse! Help me to stop this blaming”.To get cooperation from others.Horse and WillowWhere the terrorist is going to attack next? There is always an unknown fear. Advantage — it will give you protection wherever you go.Pray, “Jackal please, physically mentally and spiritually protect me”. Alternatively try Travel safety pills.Husband is not committed to the family. He won’t do anything even when his daughter is getting married. Though he may have good friends outside the familyWhen you put Jackal in the heart of the husband he will be committed to the family. He is a Wild Rose person.For boost of strengthHornbeam, Elm, and HorseSwitch Words The Switch Words bypasses our ego – which is always ready to create conflict and problems, and activates our subconscious mind. By chanting the Switch Words continuously, our ego will be won over. Then there will be less fight and conflict within us. Don’t look at the meaning of the Switch Words. Then nothing positive will happen. Also, there is no place for grammar when you use Switch Words. Therefore, don’t go by meaning. Just blindly follow them. You will find amazing results using them. Change Divine Order It means change to divine order. You want to cleanse your room, but you are not doing it. You keep postponing it. If you chant “Change Divine Order” then either you will clean it yourself or get the help from somebody. Let us say your street is unclean. Look at the garbage and chant “Change Divine Order”. You can be sure then the corporation staff will clean the place. May be they will clean the drainage too. It will put you in a healthy mode – especially you can handle any pain then. When you are recovering from any illness, chant them to bring the organs back into harmony. Attitude for Gratitude Always lead a life of gratitude. Affirm, “Sorry, Forgive me, Love, Thanks, Divine” to be in the in the attitude of gratitude. The intention is created by us to make things happen. But thanks to divinity it’s happening. Therefore, make the intention. Though at the back of the mind say to yourself, “It’s not happening because of me. Divine is around me, which I am not able to tap. Without my knowledge, it comes to help me and goes away. Therefore, I should live in the attitude of gratitude”. Chanting for others Let us say you are in a hurry but the other person (let us say his name is Robert) slows things down. Affirm, “Halfway be active in the energy field of Robert”. Then he will be on time.Money Flow – Case History (By Uma) I had a problem with my finance department for last one month. My emails to them had no effect. They didn’t credit the amount due. I consulted Naran S. Balakumar, who asked me to chant “Together Find Count Divine”. I did chant for a day. My account was credited within a day. I shared this story with my husband, who had no pending money from anybody. Still he chanted for two days. Third day he received a communication from the government that there is 3% increase in pay rise. Life Situational RemediesLife SituationsRemedies/SwitchWord(s)Creative ideasOnCareer opportunities – especially to get an employmentFind Divine Order Count Now DoneMake money miraculouslyTogether Find Count DivineSpeed up things, reach a place fasterHalfwayTo be in good healthFind Divine Order Be NowTo come out of any stagnationOver Move OnWhen you are in a Tirupati type of crowd and is stuckOver Move On HalfwayConflict situationsBow Concede Together DivineTo maintain your distance and space, and make the criticising person leave you – instead of grinding your teeth


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