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Remove pain of being in a jobless situation

Updated: Mar 7

Client I lost my job in July 2016. Since then I have been looking for a job but in vain. I worked in the night shift for the last 13 years due to which I lost my health.

I have been taking care of my parents since I was 16 yrs. Now without a job it is getting extremely difficult because my savings are depleting and before that I need to find a job. I am looking for a job in Hyderabad in a reputed corporate for my profile in a day shift/UK shift with a 40% hike in my current package so that I can take care of my parents. Both my parents are 80 yrs plus and my father is mostly highly dependent on me and caretakers, whom I have to pay a huge sum of money monthly, to take care of them. I am currently going through the 2nd part (in the 7 1/2 years) of Sade Satti Shani Dasa. Kindly suggest what I need to chant in order to get a job of my desire at the earliest. I'd be grateful to get your help at the earliest. Thank you.

Naran Write daily 108 times “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF HELP COUNT DIVINE JOB NOW DONE”. Chant “HARI OM” as many times as possible in the day and night.

Explanation Standard switch combination to get a job: “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF HELP COUNT DIVINE JOB NOW DONE Pain-removing mantra: HARI OM (applicable only for serious pain-giving situations), The mantra is available in the form of “PAIN MANAGEMENT” CD/audio mp3.


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