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Remedies to stop worrying and get married

Naran S Balakumar Take the Bach Flower Remedies SWEET CHESTNUT, WILLOW, PINE, WALNUT, and HORNBEAM – to get married. SWEET CHESTNUT – to get Divine Grace WILLOW, PINE – to overcome the WHY ‘I am not married’ feeling WALNUT – transition remedy HORNBEAM – resolves the puzzle


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Please let me know what to do to become emotionally strong? Naran Sir: Take the Bach flower remedies CHERRY PLUM and AGRIMONY.

Naran S BalakumarTake the Bach Flower Remedies WILD OAT, CERATO and SCLERANTHUS. If you are oscillating between two options, SCLERANTHUS is the remedy. If you are confused and asking all the people th

Naran S BalakumarTake the Bach Flower Remedies GENTIAN and MUSTARD. GENTIAN makes you optimistic MUSTARD helps in times of gloom and sudden depression

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