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Remedies for Addiction Part II

Naran S Balakumar

Gem Remedies BLUE SAPPHIRE, AMETHYST and EMERALD Flower remedies and Gem remedies can be combined and given.

Switch Words “SLOW CARE RESTORE RESCIND CUT SHUT” – can be chanted over a glass of water and given to the addicted person. HOLD – develops positive characters. “CONCEDE CLEAR HOLD DIVINE” “CUT SHUT OPEN DIVINE” “CUT SHUT LIMIT OPEN DIVINE”

Mantra Healing “PASUPADHIM MAHADEVAM”to come out of addiction Pasupadhi means the saviour of life forces. Mahadevam can only do that. It also means ‘Lord of all animal instincts’. Pray to him and let him free us from addiction.

Animal Spirits CHIMPANZEE – The picture can be used. DOLPHIN – Paste the picture on the addicted person or project Dolphin on them. However, its very difficult to treat the addicted people without their knowledge or cooperation. Do the forgiving exercise and pray for cooperation.

Star Healing Pray to Star KRITIKA. Affirm, “Kritika, be active in the energy of <<person name>>”, for him to come out of addiction.


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