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Remedies for Addiction Part I

Naran S Balakumar There are so many remedies for addiction. Depending on the nature of the person, remedies have to be selected. Most of the people will say “To forget my worries and office tension, I drink.” Same is the case with Smoking. AGRIMONY is common for these two addictions. For any addiction, WALNUT is the base remedy. Addiction means habit forming pattern. Based on the expressions, you can select the remedies. Some people want to leave the drinking. But they can’t. ‘Tomorrow I won’t drink”. But they will start drinking the next day. WALNUT, SCLERANTHUS and AGRIMONY is useful in this situation. If a person feels guilty after drinking, give him PINE. If a person steals money to drink, give him CHESTNUT BUD. If a person borrows money, CHICORY has to be given. To stop taking loans – CHICORY and BLUE SAPPHIRE. To develop will power to discontinue drinking, add ROCK WATER. Some people will blame other person for his own drinking. WILLOW is the remedy. ‘Life is to enjoy’ – WILD ROSE. Some people will spend all their money on drinking. When they don’t have money, they will not drink –WILD ROSE. I become bold when I drink’ – MIMULUS and CENTAURY. When a person becomes abusive, give WALNUT, HOLLY, VINE, and CHERRY PLUM.


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