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How to take the pills orally? Take the remedies two to three pills of each one by one. More pills will not increase the impact. Leave a gap of 1-2 minutes between taking different remedies. Take it for two to four times a day, depending on the intensity of the problem and whether you need to take some other remedies as well. Don’t touch the pills by hands. Use the cap of the container to take the pills.

Where can I get Remedies? Bach Flower Remedies are available in all homeopathy shops as well as well as in the centre. Any brand is ok. Other remedies including special combinations (packs like study pack, harmony pack etc.) are available only in the centre.

Can I chant as I don’t get Bach Flower Remedies in my place? Bach Flower remedies are available all over the world. They contain no chemicals. So don’t be apprehensive about taking them. They are inexpensive too. The cost of the pill for a day will be less than the cost of cup of coffee. When you are remedies advised to take remedies, please do take them, as the answer has come from the divine. If you still insist in chanting go ahead. Don’t put the question back to us. However, It might still work for you.

When we take a remedy, can we also chant the names of the remedies? These flower names or remedy names are switch words only. Chant them, write them or keep their pictures.

Instead of taking the remedies only, can you give me switch words, angel numbers or mantras instead? Will chanting be enough?If you are suggested to take the remedies, please don’t ask these questions. You may do as per your discretion. For chronic situations, if a problem has persisted for a long time, then it would be good if you take them orally.

Can I take the remedies while taking other medications? Yes you can! No side-effects it taking the pills. Either it will work or it won’t – especially when the remedies are not prescribed correctly.

The Bach Flower Kit The Kit has all the thirty-eight remedies. Each container has 100 pills and it is around rupees 100 (2 dollars) plus courier charges. Taking the remedies orally will always help. It is better than chanting. Don’t you think we have other concerns to attend too? Buy all of them as they are not expensive. You don’t know when you will need them.

How long the pills will be effective? There is no end-date. As long as it is kept in a proper condition, you may keep it forever. The remedies in liquid form will evaporate if you keep them outside for a longer period. So, keep them in the fridge.

How long I need to take the remedy? For specific life situations like getting married, take it for at least six months. Say for an interview, you might take the pills the day before and just before the interview. In addition, keep the pills in the pocket, so that you will be inside the energy field of the healing flowers. For other situations, take it for three to four weeks. If there is not much improvement (definitely there will be some) then report whatever that has changed and ask for the new set of remedies. Your mental state would have changed then. So you will need a different combination. Don’t think the remedies, you have bought has gone waste, for they may be required in the future too and they don’t have an expiry date, as long you keep them in good condition. However, understand nobody knows when you need to stop. Only divine knows. Until then, have patience, faith and trust in the remedies.

Remedies in liquid formVANDANA I got the remedies. How many drops of each one in the bottle of water? Naran Put two drops of each in the water.

Taking Pills (continued…) If you are taking the pills, take two pills of each remedy mentioned, twice or thrice a day, depending on the severity. If you are using the water method, put five pills of each in a bottle of water and drink them. If you don’t like the taste of the pills, especially when you don’t want your kids to know you are giving them remedies put the pills in glass of hot water. You can also write or chant them as switch words. Ideally, if the problem is persisting for long, physical intake is better.


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