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Relieved without any problems

Case HistoryVijay got an offer with a good hike and a better designation. So, he decided to quit his current company. However, he was worried about his boss, who in general doesn’t appreciate his good employees leaving his company. Vijay consulted Naran S Balakumar, who suggested him to write “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE” in a piece of paper and keep it with him. He was asked to chant the same, which he did for a couple of days. He approached his boss, who willing accepted his resignation, but asked Vijay to consider continuing in the company for some more time. After two days, Vijay approached his boss once again. Without any fuss, his boss accepted his resignation.

ExplanationThe boss will be a WATER VIOLET person (superiority complex), while the opposite personas LARCH (low in confidence, feeling small). To have no expectations as expectations spoils the results: GENTIAN and WILD ROSE


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