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Regret-Free life is Abundance

In the earlier days -say around 1997, Naran himself used to deliver the bach flower remedies to the clients.

When one of the clients became bed-ridden, because of cancer he phoned up to Naran to meet him

He went there and sat beside him. His body became thin and he looked emaciated.

Even though he was Physically and mentally exhausted, he rose up and greeted Naran with folded hands. The hands were trembling. Naran assuaged him.

He said, "I may not live long. I give my son in your care.

But I want to confess something to you. I want forgiveness from all my especially my wife.

I betrayed her; cheated her. All the 24 yrs of my life, I fought with my wife and children.

I feel terribly sorry to my parents who waited for years for me to take care of them. I

did not do that. Guilt is killing me. I was angry with them because i

I was not allowed to continue my passion for music.

Please forgive me. I did not follow what all you suggested. But I have trust in you. Anyhow my days are counted.

Pls give me the picture of the Divine mother, whom you always pray."

I went there with Mother's picture and handed over to him.

Before leaving, he said, "I want to tell you one thing.

The regret -free, the guilt free, anger- free life is the only thing one should aim".

That is Abundance. I realise it now after so many years of life of agony

He held Mother's picture in his heart and after 3 days, he died.

Only at the fag end of the day, we will realise what mistakes we have

committed. At that time, we should not regret. "I have not patched up with this person"; “I did not do this or I did not do that”. I should have been a loving person.

A regret-free life is Abundance.


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Sonu Punjabi
Sonu Punjabi
Nov 16, 2021

Eye Openers for us who are running behind materialistic pleasures and will regret later in

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