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Protect daughter studying abroad

TilotumaWhat do we chant for our daughter’s going abroad for higher studies, especially if they are young and impressionable and easily influenced, while we have fear in our hearts as we let them go?

NaranTake the flower remedy RED CHESTNUT daily two pills three times. Chant “DURGA DURGAMA DOSHAVARJITHA DURACHAARA SHAMANI”, thinking about your daughter. Do the concentric circle method and write “AGRIMONY WALNUT CHERRY PLUM”.

ExplanationCome out of your fearful concern: RED CHESTNUT The Durga mantra will protect your daughter. The Bach Flower combination WALNUT and CHERRY PLUM will help your daughter not to be wrongly influenced, out of teenage temptation. Agrimony: not to be secretive in one’s affair.

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