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Change the mind to get the outcome

A person suddenly lost the job after 20 years of successful career and when he approached naran, he gave him the flower remedies star of bethlehem Rockrose.

Since he blamed his boss for his sudden removal, he was given willow also.

Naran asked him to do the forgiving exercise for his boss.

and do the thanking for all involved in his life.


After one month of taking the remedies, he got a call for a job of his choice. when he approached naran, said,

"This is how one should approach for a solution to any problem. Feed back is necessary. One suggestion is given. It is not the end. The healing is something similar to peeling of onion layers. Here the mind is to be peeled off, one by one.  When the obstructing layer is peeled off, solution is born. Since we do not know which the obstructing layer is, we have to peel one by one.

Now chant during the interview “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE, " to succeed and get the job."

After 15 days, he came and thanked naran for having got the job

he wanted a chant to do well in his new work.

He said,

Chant “WATER VIOLET (to have an ego-less boss), WALNUT (to adjust easily to the new office environment, to overcome any prejudice), HOLLY (to be treated well), MIMULUS (for a friendly atmosphere)”


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