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Past life Healing  

Updated: May 2, 2020

Raju who attended Violet flame Past life healing workshop at Chennai is working in a Government office.One day he came to me asked for an advise.He said he was promoted and given a new assignment in which he has to handle courtcases and he said he doesn't know how to handle them as he has no previous experience and this is bothering him. I asked him how he entered in job. He said it was his father's dream and so he joined the job.Then I asked him what was his father's profession and how did he performed his duties. Raju told me that his father was a Police officer and he worked very hard and also part of the duties attended various courts also. Then I asked him to heal his father's emotions using silver triangle. After three weeks he met me.He looked very confident and he said now he is able to handle courtcases with ease and thanked Naran sir for this wonderful technique which helped him to face the challenge efficiently.


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What is silver triangle healing sir

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