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SriI am a student waiting to go to USA. I have a clearance/invite from my desired university but the student visa is in process. It is now in the hands of US agency. It is taking lot of time and no reason is given. I have lots to be done in India after I get the visa papers, before I can leave for USA in an orderly and un-rushed way. Please help me so that all formalities are expedited, satisfactory, and I can be stress-free.


SriAfter your advice I have been chanting “WATER VIOLET, ROCK WATER, CHERRY PLUM, IMPATIENS” on and off. Since the last 3 days, I had been having trouble and frustrations with the passport website/helpline people for booking appointment. I was also complaining to friends about this system and the frustrations – since within 1 or 2 minutes the appointment slots would disappear and the system would automatically say “All booked. Please try after 24 hours”. I feared this could become an endless loop, a gamble. There are alternatives like walk-in, but that would have been very inconvenient, as I would be missing some classes, deadlines etc. Since yesterday, I was chanting at every opportunity – while jogging, bathing etc. Today, a little before the appointment booking opening time, I not only chanted about 200 times (also added “Wolf help, Wolf help” at the end), I also did some 200 forgiving chant for the passport booking system which I had been cursing as stupid. I was peaceful, like even if it did not happen, it is ok. I am just meant to do the alternate process, because it is for some higher good, which I do not know. And guess what, today within 30 seconds of my login, I got the appointment – process as smooth as butter. Yes, I was alert and wiser today to not even be late by 5 seconds to login etc. But, I feel the whole thing came about successfully, including the “alertness” to do that, due to your guidance. Yes- this was a just one step in many that need to happen – but I am confident other processes also will move appropriately at the right time. Thank you so much for your selfless service – you are truly a blessing! And thank you Water Violet, Rock Water, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Wolf’!! Thank you, God!!!


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