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Out of the bad phase

LeenaMy sister shifted Brampton Canada with his husband and two years old daughter about 4 months back. They are continuously going through the bad phase, facing bad luck and not able to earn his livelihood although my brother-in-law is well educated and very hard working. He needs a permanent job immediately and desperately.

NaranChant “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP DIVINE job COUNT NOW DONE” Write “WALNUT” in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

LeenaThree days back they got a call from previous job (temporary) and said that they will try to give him permanent job this time. Later yesterday, my brother-in-law got a call that company doesn’t need any employee now. He is still jobless.

NaranContinue the chanting. Write “WALNUT, SCLERANTHUS” daily in a notebook for 51 times. Ask him to do the forgiving exercise to the parents.

LeenaHardly few days passed. My brother-in-law in Canada started following your advice and calling Wolf for help during interview. Miraculously, he got permanent job joining from tomorrow. No words to express our gratitude for your help. Keep showering your unconditional love for everyone.


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