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One-hour pain management

Naran S. Balakumar One lady came for the recent Reiki Workshop along with her mother. The students were doing the “So Hum” breathing exercise – where we have to breathe as per the chanting So Hum played from a CD. It’s a powerful breathing technique. After 5 minutes of breathing, she started weeping. I thought it will stop in few minutes, but her sobbing continued. So I asked her to stop the exercise.  I enquired on what is happening to her. She replied that she has got a severe head ache which has become unbearable to her. Then she became very restless. I gave her RESCUE REMEDY. After taking the remedy she was out of her sobbing. She was quiet for about 5 minutes and then asked me, “Is this Reiki? You told us that our buried emotions are coming out and it is ok. But I am scared of this Reiki practice, since I am getting back my headache after 8 long years. I am really scared. I don’t want my headache to recur again. Please don’t get me into Reiki. Let my mother continue. I don’t want my headache back.” I prescribed MIMULUS to her. Five minutes after taking the flower remedy, she started hugging her mother, saying “that whenever I used to get headache in my childhood days, I used to hug my mother and lay my head on her chest.” She was given CHICORY and immediately she said “Yes I am fine, feeling fresh. But I want to say one more thing. My mother never loves me. My sister is her favorite. There are many incidents and events to vindicate. I don’t love her, I just hate her.” I gave her the Bach Flower Remedy HOLLY. “My hatred for her is so much that I slowly withdraw emotionally not only from her but from others too. Nobody is worthy of my love”. Then I prescribed her another flower remedy WATER VIOLET. After taking the remedy she said, “I am getting back the pain. Yes it has started again. But it is bearable and pricking.” I gave the remedy GENTIAN. After taking the remedy, she said, “My neck is becoming stiff, I am not able to move my head. It is paining and becoming stiff.” I prescribed the remedy – BEECH. After taking the remedy, surprisingly she stopped talking, reclined in the chair and said “Sir, I will go home now and get some rest.” She went home and phoned up to me and said she has become absolutely alright. No recurring head aches after that day. Next day she got initiated into Reiki.

Final Word Once the core issue is touched, the awareness of the issue is revealed. Once awareness sets in, most of the time, the core issue becomes easy to handle by oneself without any external help. Let us seek the helping hand of Bach Flower Remedies to lead us into light and love (Reiki means Love and Light).


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