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Nothing comes easily

VijayalakshmiMy husband is not satisfied with the job that he is doing right now and our financial condition is not so good.

NaranFor financial improvement:  CHICORY, GENTIAN and CLEMATIS. This combination is available as a picture in the centre. You may also download them and paste it in the wall, where you can see them frequently.

VijayalakshmiHow many times should “CHICORY GENTIAN CLEMATIS” be chanted for?

NaranOne has to have belief in whatever one does. If belief is there, such questions do not arise. Nothing comes easily. Divine grace will shower, when there is dedicated effort. What is a dedicated effort? It is that effort, which does not allow the mind to think about the result. When you do as many times as possible concentrating on chanting only, the mind is ready to accept any result and one moves on in life without getting stagnated. However, questions arising from doubts will keep you in doubts. Every name and every word given is coming to you from the source of Divinity. When divine is offering its help, surrender and start chanting as many times as possible and forget you in chanting.

ExplanationTo become optimistic and get over the need for necessities: CHICORY, GENTIAN From ideas into action: CLEMATIS

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