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Not getting any results

Jyothi Regarding the solutions you had given me earlier. I did as you said but had a lot of problems with friends and looks like I cannot even talk to her anymore!! Why Naran? I kept the paper with me and wrote whatever you said and chanted “FIND DIVINE ORDER” throughout too. I don’t know sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if these words work at all!! I am also chanting Ambika Slokam, “FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE” for a job and getting nowhere with anything. Is there any switch words for getting a job and getting friends? I chant “WATER VIOLET” too whenever I can. Please can you guide me? Am I doing something wrong? I also chant “FORGIVE LOVE THANK YOU”. I read a lot of the posts and chant a few things that relate to my situation. When will the words work and produce results Naran? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Naran There is nothing wrong in your doing. The only problem we all face is when we want something we hang on to the result so intently that we don’t allow the divine to work and fulfill our desires. Chanting is the tool. The mind should be on chanting and not on the end result. One should understand that human beings cannot achieve anything with his own limited knowing. One should just wish and release it to the divine field for completion. Your constant worry or anxiety prevents your wish to enter the divine field. Release all your anxiety and just chant. When you stop worrying you are detached from the result. This detachment is necessary to understand the work of the divine. That means one detaches to surrender (SAMARPANAM) and prays for the fulfillment. What is prayer? Pray, “Oh DIVINE!  I ASPIRE, DETACH and SURRENDER. FULFILL if it is THY ORDER”. Jyothi, Relax! There is time for everything.


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