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Nobody is happy at home

RadhikaMy family is really facing issues... My brother earns quite an amount. However, my parents have to beg for the money. My Bhabhi will unknowingly or knowingly make life difficult for my mother. My brother has no respect for parents. I don’t know how to make him realise what his parents have sacrificed for him. It’s even difficult to explain it to you. I am really troubled now. I can’t see my parents especially my mother going through so much. And my brother is an estranged person now. There is no relationship existing. They live their own life inside the same house. It’s very frustrating to see all this. My parents don’t take my money Even if i insist. I am tired. Time and again there are fights arising. My parents aren’t happy. Bhabhi is also not happy. I am sure she wants to live separately. She once told my parents to move out of this house. Why doesn’t my brother understand? I want to take my parents and move out of this house. But for this there is no resource, parents want security. Brother wants property. So neither of them will budge. I try to tell my brother what is right. My mother thinks I am the one responsible for fights because I bring out the issues. I feel helpless and rotten. I try to see things being ‘unattached’ to the world. But i can’t when it comes to my parents. My blood boils. Give me some advice. Please. Also I have been chanting ‘Vallabam Gajaananam Eka Dhantham’ around 50-100 times a day. Someday, I feel good. Office life has been sorted out. But family life is still a problem. It has all started after my brother got married. With all due respect to my Bhabhi She comes from a rich family. So she has different values. On top of this my marriage is still a big question mark.

Naran   Your intense desire to change your brother and the events happening will produce opposite results. Pray and prayer only can help. Instead of desiring what to happen, you thank your brother for respecting your parents. Take a list of what you want for your parents. Say “I thank the divine for………..” – fill up the blanks with a want and do it for each of your wants separately. Daily do this. Mantras and switch words will work when we surrender and accept the divine order only. You cannot change anything with your will. Your will and divine will should unite. The link is the surrendering attitude. Surrendering is Samarpanam. Samarpanam is keeping all our words, prayers and actions at the feet of Divine with the intention to accept whatever he offers. Chant “NAMASHIVAYAM”. This will help you to understand how to detach from the result

Radhika  Thank you! I realised it’s not others. I am being too adamant and expecting things to follow a rule, whereas this universe is infinite and has its own set of directions. I realise that I have to give in and surrender to somebody up there... Thank you so much for this precious advice... You are a great guide to life :)


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