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New Prosperity Statements - Write daily

As per the divine guidance and direction of the divine mother, New prosperity statements are introduced.

People who have been writing the previous one, can start writing the new one.

People who have stopped and those who are yet to write can start writing this new one.

Write all 10 statements daily.

1.Money is abundant universal ever flowing from the supreme divine mother.

2. Together, I understand that divine mother is the only provider of money and be OPEN.

3. Together, all my falsehoods change open to align with this universal divine flow of abundance.

4. This supreme Divine truth, helps me release all my desires to possess money and open me to the Divine grace.

5. Since Divine mother within me is the source of money flow, my income is unlimited…Infinite.

6. The Divine mother adjust the flow of money as per my needs and wishes and all my needs are fulfilled with this constant instant flow from the Supreme Divine Mother.

7. My needs are the responsibility of the Divine mother and I learn to surrender totally to the divine mother and understand the divine principle of abundance.

8. Releasing any resistance and all worries, I am in total peace to find the Divine mother taking me on the highways of abundant Prosperity. End – a new Divine guidance has begun.

9. The New life of generosity and prosperity has begun.

10. I help all the expenses with open heart, because I am only a channel of the divine flow of prosperity.


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