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Need for a remedy when there is a delay

Naran S Balakumar Laziness:  – Scleranthus will get up late and will postpone Laziness and procrastination – Hornbeam and Scleranthus Will get up at 6 am but will need a coffee or any other stimulant to get up from bed: Hornbeam Have no enthusiasm in life: Hornbeam and Wild Rose (lazy approach to life as there is no internal motivation to live)

While Taking Decisions Asking others' opinion to take a decision: Cerato I have to satisfy all: Centaury. Between Two options:  Scleranthus. Say for example, while choosing a bride, say between Vanaja and Girija.

OthersHeartburn: Beech, Willow, Impatiens and Scleranthus Fever:soemtimes low temperature; sometimes high temperature: Scleranthus, Walnut, Crab Apple Study Pack: Scleranthus + Chestnut bud + walnut + Gentian + Hornbeam Stammering: Cerato and Scleranthus


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Please let me know what to do to become emotionally strong? Naran Sir: Take the Bach flower remedies CHERRY PLUM and AGRIMONY.

How to Improve Your Decision Making Part I

Take the Bach Flower Remedies WILD OAT, CERATO and SCLERANTHUS. If you are oscillating between two options, SCLERANTHUS is the remedy. If you are confused and asking all the people then CERATO is the

How to develop optimism over pessimism

Naran S BalakumarTake the Bach Flower Remedies GENTIAN and MUSTARD. GENTIAN makes you optimistic MUSTARD helps in times of gloom and sudden depression


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