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Naran S. Balakumar's Unknown vedic secrets of Petal mantras- Zoom online Workshop

Petal Switchwords – A new dimension in healing

Supportive healing for physical problems like diabetes, b.p …

Emotional freedom through petal mantras

Enhances your healing power, Prana Shakthi

Opens and Connects you to inner prosperity

Keeps the children/adults off the gadgets.

Opens the Divine channel of Love within and around you.

Heals loneliness

Date: 24 July 2021

Time: 4- 5 pm IST

Venue : Zoom meeting


To register, contact any of the following numbers

 Ms.Irene - Mumbai: + 91 98212 33349

 Ms.Kamlu - New Delhi : +91 99999 98944

 Mr. Ravi - Bangalore : +91 99168 13601

 Mr.Pavan- Hyderabad : + 91 98490 59601

 Ms.Uma -  Chennai : +81 70 4448 0979 (Whatsapp message only)


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