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My Happiness knew no bounds!

Student I had helped one of my friends with Rs.5000/- in the month of November for her baby shower. She promised me to return as soon as she receives her salary. Even though, her husband is in abroad, she had lots of problems even when she thinks of returning me the amount and 5 months passed. Today, when I am in need of money to pay lawyer, home loan and health related issues, I get a message from her that she is transferring me the amount finally. With tears I expressed my gratitude towards her and apologized for expecting back even this small amount of money. With pure heart she blesses me saying when you grow rich then you can help me if in trouble without expectation. Whenever I used to expect money in return or any negative thought passed me I used to say “SORRY, FORGIVE ME, THANKS DIVINE” and see it worked wonders. A simple outcome of having GENEROSITY!!


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