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My family problems is affecting me

Isha I am in a very bad shape. I have a brilliant future ahead of me. I’m married and my husband loves me a lot. I’m pursuing my studies and I am happy in my marriage life. The problem is that I am very sad about my family situation. I took the problems of my brother, mom and dad, everyone and put on my shoulder. My family problems affected me a lot. I keep thinking about them and this stress me a lot. Due to such stress, I am getting pimples on my face, lots of dandruff and I am becoming very thin like anorexic people. I love my family, if I keep worrying about their situation, this can cause problems to my health. I am not strong at all am very sensible. Please suggest some remedy.

Naran Take the flower remedies RED CHESTNUT, RESCUE REMEDY, WHITE CHESTNUT and WALNUT. Put 6 pills of each in 200 ml water and have that water in small sips throughout the day, every two hours -maximum 6 times.

When you take remedies for two different problems

Isha Actually, I am taking flowers remedies of OAK, HORNBEAM and MUSTARD that you suggested me to take for my studies (poor memory and difficult to adjust in French studies). Can I mix all these remedies in 200 ml of water?

Naran Take on alternate days – the first combination on the first day and the second one on the second day and on the third day first one and so on.


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