Move on 

Updated: May 2, 2020


When ever traffic jam is there I chant ..half way divine ..or half way move on. And with in seconds .traffic moves on...

Geeta l: Yes, so true ! Thanks to Naran sir 🙏 Yesterday, we were constantly traveling and there were traffic jams. We had to meet my Sister's family at the venue.. There was hardly 2hrs time left... and, they had to catch the train back home. I chanted " Move on. Halfway now done! Thanks Divine " Traffic cleared and we reached the venue within 40min instead of the usual 1hr 15 min. My brother thought we couldn't make it on time... but, I believe truly in what I learned from Our Guru 🙏 Thanks a lot to all the mentors who guided us through out and also after the workshops ,supporting all. Learnt that time and relationships are precious and little things mean a lot when we hold them to heart! Special thanks to 🐺 WOLF, to whom I was introduced to by Narangaru at one of his workshops. I call wolf for helping us with safe travel, transport and also as a friend to accompany kids or me, solo travels. He's always there, I feel blessed! 🙏☺ There us still a lot to learn from Naran sir, Haripriya garu, Pavangaru, and all our mentors. Thank you all for sharing.. It helps to know in turn making life easy, being kind and human..! Have a great day to all💐🙏

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