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Misled by a fraudulent lawyer

Jayshree AhujaI was misled by an erroneous/fraudulent lawyer to take some steps for a court case...However not only did the case fail. It has in fact boomeranged against me... Now, I am requesting the lawyer to return the fee paid to him as he has worked against me. Kindly share with me the Switch Words to make him realize that I am not at fault.

NaranChant “BEECH WILLOW PINE”. One thing you should understand is whether the lawyer wins the case or not, he has to be paid for his work.

Jayshree AhujaReason, I am asking him for the money is because he knew that I already had a case running. I had told him that he shouldn’t be doing another FIR for the same case as it was obvious that it would go against me and I warned him of it…

NaranDo the forgiving exercise and pay him.


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