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Messages from Body - Part 1 - Understanding why

Every one born on this planet earth has to attain God self or God consciousness. To attain this one has to take several births.  Body is the vehicle which guides us to the spiritual path. Minding the body through life issues will mend the life. Pain or discomfort in any part of the body is a message from the spiritual point of view. By analyzing the issues pertaining to various parts, one can assess his life and correct one’s life path. Just an analysis of what happened – events, emotions and particularly thoughts – prior to physical problem, will heal one. Pain in the body is the message of the body to our life. One can understand his own past and heal or correct one’s life. Mind has several layers. The energy of the parents is stored in the mind. This energy is nothing but what we call “gene”. For any pain in any part of the body one should analyze as to its position, relate it to the parent’s energy and finally resolve issue and the pain is healed. Medication in any form will give only temporary relief and finally it stops working as the issues are resolved. The energy of the medicine is stored in the mind and physical nature of the mind comes out through excreta. This energy of the medicine will not work until the issues are resolved. As soon as the issues or conflicts are resolved by forgiving are releasing techniques the energy of the medicine starts working and the body is healed. MENTAL CAUSES OF PHYSICAL DISEASES For any pain in the right shoulder, arm, hands or fingers, one should look or introspect for one or two of the following issues that might have happened in the his life.

  1. Ingratitude: if one is ungrateful or has not sufficiently repaid his gratitude, ask yourself whether you are ungrateful to anybody. If so, find out ways and means to show your gratitude. (Mental exercise – thank all the persons in your life for the next 42 days)

  2. It may also mean you have rejected somebody who helped you in the past. Whether you have not recognized a person to whom you are indebted. How much thankful or grateful you are to your parents.

  3. Find out whether you are doing all the work with anger and resentment.  Are you doing any work or job unwillingly with anger against superiors or parents or colleagues? There may be overwhelming situations or there may too much pressure of work for which one can’t say “No”

  4. Find out whether you are not able to forget or forgive a person> Right hand means giving. Find our whether you have the thought “I will not pay the money”. If this thought is there consider paying the person, even though you have hundreds of justifiable reasons not to pay the money.

  5. Find out whether you have anger because you are interfered too much and not given any freedom.

  6. Are you withdrawing from the responsibility because you will be blamed. You have fear of losing name, you are answerable, The work is burdensome. (don’t withdraw is the message) Honesty wins.

  7. Doing with out love or with guilt. If you are not dutiful or loyal doing the work become ethical, honest, diligent. Rectify your path. Return to the path of honesty. You are answerable to God.KNEE: Pain in the knee represents issues related with parents. It may be conflict with the parents or doing whatever the parents did. As we already know left side of the body indicates issues related to past, receiving, issues with women, being rejected etc., and right side indicates issues with future, self, issues with men, resisting etc., LEFT SHOULDER Pain in the left shoulder conveys the message – “you cannot get love when you need it most.” Left indicates Receiving. When one cannot receive love he cannot give love also as he will not have stock of love. When he cannot give love, it is passive anger. Pain in the left shoulder also indicates withdrawing from friends and relations, ignoring, keeping aloof from one who was previously close. Money due from others if we forget to receive and do not care to get back also the left shoulder pain reminds us of the dues from others. LEFT SHOULDER BACK Pain in the left shoulder back conveys the message “To learn a lesson from a female. Understand the hidden message from the harsh language. Missing the useful divine message from the harsh languages.” It says listen to the female. Do not ignore the female. Understand the message in it. RIGHT SHOULDER What we have forgotten settles at the right shoulder. Forgetting to thank the person who has helped you in your life. Not showing the gratitude. Money due to a person either you have forgotten to return or not willing to return. LEFT ANKLE It relates to the past. Repeating the mistake of the father in treating a female.


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