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Messages from Body

List of Messages

  1. Your self-esteem is low.

  2. Eliminate unhelpful thought patterns.

  3. Devote some time for meditation.

  4. Counter the emotional attack, without anger

  5. End the conflict amicably

  6. Don’t repeat what has been done already. Think differently.

  7. Concentrate on the need and not on the desires.

  8. You are not heard. Improve your communication.

  9. Listen – understand and appreciate other’s priorities.

  10. Don’t interfere too much.

  11. Assert yourself – you take the decision.

  12. Don’t act on others’ suggestions.

  13. Ignore others’ approval and move on.

  14. Don’t be frustrated. Try again.

  15. Rise from sluggishness.

  16. Deserve before you desire, develop abilities and resources to fulfill your plan.

  17. You are too sensitive. Understand that you are loved well.

  18. Don’t alienate yourself from this person.

  19. You are already stabilized.

  20. Stop worrying about future. You are protected.

  21. Speak your views.

  22. Find out the positives in the situation, instead of blaming it.

  23. Act more responsibly.

  24. Do it with full confidence.

  25. Let go of what has happened.

  26. Empathize with others.

  27. End the conflict. Put an end to disharmony.

  28. Don’t get stuck up. Make progress, no matter how tough life becomes.

  29. You are agitated. Be quiet. Take initiative to remove friction.

  30. Release all your expectations. Ignore the paining words…..Release….

  31. Relax, you are too fast. Relaxation alone can help you achieve your goals.

  32. Get the guidance from the right person. Release your anxiety.

  33. Relax…have time for your family and friends. Improve your relationships.

  34. You are neither abandoned nor isolated. Become optimistic and start again.

  35. Release your bad habits. Don’t be stubborn. Release your fixed ideas.

  36. Let go of your revengeful thoughts, grudges, anger, and guilt.

  37. Be close to your wife/husband. Don’t be secretive.

  38. Accept your wife/husband and children as they are.

  39. Is there is any conflict regarding sharing/using ancestral property? Yield and compromise.

  40. Love is more important than money.

  41. Is there any court case over ownership? Yield and withdraw, even though your case is fair.

  42. Don’t get isolated or secluded over the loss of anything or anybody.

  43. Is there is any lack of gratitude (on your part)?

  44. Stop blaming your parents? Reframe and look for positive points in what they did.

  45. Stop going through same emotions as your mother/father

  46. Stop repeating the mistakes of your mother/father/brother

  47. Start working with enthusiasm. Acquire resources of your father/mother.

  48. Understand your son’s/daughter’s priorities.

  49. Release the thought, “At the time of need, nobody will come forward to help.”

  50. Don’t allow yourself to be dominated.

  51. Don’t feel humiliated. Release and forgive.

  52. Release all the anger kept within.

  53. Stop dominating and interfering.

  54. Release your desire to control.

  55. Release your resistance.

  56. Stop wounding or hurting.

  57. Release the fear of misfortune.

  58. Come out of the feeling of a victim.

  59. Stop doing unwillingly.

  60. Love yourself totally. You do not need others’ approval.

  61. Don’t give up your rights.


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