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Meditation to Thank and Love Your Body

Naran S Balakumar Relax yourself. Relax your shoulders. Look within yourself to see the body – the product of food (you eat). Say to yourself silently, “I bow to all my organs. I thank all my organs. I go beyond the physical body entering the layer of Prana. The life force pulls me up.” Going further above, a new World of Prana opens up. Say “All my insecurities, my fears are nowhere. I feel safe and secure. I feel secured inwardly and outwardly.” Going deeper into your SWADHISTANA CHAKRA say “Swadhistana, open up. Rotate clock wise. All my desires, likes and dislikes disappear. They leave me one by one.” Going up; moving around the sun god. Travelling beyond the sun, planets and entering the field of stars. Going higher and also deeper into your SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, say ““Solar Plexus Chakra opens up to receive the light. My thought, my questions, my earnings, my views, everything appears and disappears.” Going deeper into HEART CHAKRA – ANAHATA, say “Anahata is rotating clock wise. What is behind the Thought field? Silence. Silent awareness is there. Is it me? I am aware of my Prana, sensations in the body. I am totally seeing and clearing.” Going higher, say “There is no time. But I am there. No perception of right and wrong. What appears as light; what appears as wrong; everything looks right. There is no polarity. Standing up to the higher levels. Thinking is God. My identity, my thoughts disappears. “ Becoming lighter and lighter; brighter and brighter; expanding like a light. Going above and reaching the third eye. The awareness is around the third eye. Say “The third eye is silent. I am peaceful beyond the words. I become all”. Going higher and higher in the midst of light; becoming smaller and smaller; becoming one of the golden rays of light. Merging in the golden light. Resting in the golden light. Looking from far above my body. “My body has also become golden light. Every organ is shining and vibrating like a golden light. Golden light around me and above me; below me. A feeling of gratitude fills up me.” “LOVE THANKS DIVINE. There is only love. There is only joy. There is only light.” Open your eyes now.


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