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Meditation from Naran Sir for 18 April 2020

Strong will power and will to live is need of the hour.

We require both mental and physical strength to win over this situation.

Who can be our companion in this journey?

After Mahabaratha war, everyone went back to their kingdom including Lord Krishna who went to Dwaraka.

Dharma the eldest of Pandavas started ruling Indraprastha. After some months, Arjuna left to Dwaraka to meet Lord Krishna. He met Lord Krishna, and in the course of conversation, Lord Krishna declared that he was completing his avatarhood on the earth and he would be going back to Vaikunta. He told Arjuna to take all women from his kingdom along with him to Indraprastha where they all will be safe and protected.

Arjuna cried on hearing the words of Krishna. But Krishna consoled him and finally Arjuna agreed to take all women to Indraprastha and started his journey back with a heavy heart. He started becoming weaker and weaker as his journey was progressing.

On the way, a group of thieves attacked Arjuna’s chariot. Arjuna could not fight them back but got beaten by the thieves very badly.

The Great warrior Arjuna who fought the Kurushetra war with this Bow-Kandiva so majestically and who is also world renowned for his archery skills now could hardly lift the bow- Kandiva on his shoulders and fight back the ordinary thieves.

First time in life, Arjuna faced defeat. He reached Indraprastha fully hurt and defeated.

He narrated the entire happenings to Veda Vyasa and sought his help to understand his plight.

Veda Vyasa explained to him, “ Arjuna, You can never hold this bow-Kandiva or lift it. All along Lord Krishna was by your side and it was he who had given you the necessary physical and mental strength. Krishna’s grace alone made you courageous and victorious. But, you never realized it. Now that Lord Krishna is departing from this earth, your courage, valor, strength, everything is also leaving along with him. That’s why you could not fight against even the ordinary thieves.”

Lord Krishna alone can give us physical strength, will power.






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