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Master of Recovery

Naran S Balakumar

Ruby For any recovery Ruby is the remedy. Let us say, to recover from loss incurred in a business and start a new business. To recover from severe fever or any illness Ruby is the remedy. Recovery is speeded up if Ruby is taken. I have given Ruby to lot of singers during the music and festival seasons, and throughout the day they are able to retain their stamina, even after a heavy singing. To retain the stamina and vigor Ruby is the remedy.

Have a great authority and control Have a great authority at office and home. Ruby will help you to be an authoritative person. To get respect from others Ruby is the remedy. There are certain people who are always controlling you and you will be always controlled. Then take Ruby. For any divorce proceedings Ruby is to be taken. If one feels that he has to cut off from that person, he has to take Ruby Please note here that these remedies function only as energy shifters.

Get your work done If you are facing a big problem then take Ruby so that you will start acting and find the right solution. You can take Ruby when you go to government offices to get your work done. In addition, take the Bach Flower remedies WATER VIOLET, ROCK WATER, LARCH, GENTIAN and WILD ROSE. So these remedies are also natural remedies and work for only specific purposes. However, Diamond can be worn by all.


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