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Marriages are made in the body

NaranThis is quite an interesting case history of a person, who suffered pain in several parts of his body, during his Marriage Yatra (journey). He managed to handle, both his pain and marriage, without spending a penny on medicine. Read below, to find out, how his body literally forced him to get married!

Dec 13, 2005Rajan develops pain in his right leg and right foot.

NaranThe pain in the right leg denotes fear of moving forward. The upper portion of the foot denotes anger as you are blaming somebody for your problem. Anything happened recently, to make you fearful and angry?

RajanYes, this morning, my brother phoned me up and asked me to meet a girl, regarding my marriage. Since then, there is a mild and consistent pain.

NaranThe body is asking you to release your anger and fear. See the girl and check whether she is suited to be your wife or not. In addition, when you wanted to get married, why are you delaying it? Affirm “I release anger and fear”. If the pain goes, then meet the girl. The pain goes.

Dec 19, 2005When he decided to see the suitor, he developed pain in the lower back, which was intense.

NaranWhat feelings of insecurity are you having now? Moreover, why are you feeling insecure? (Lower back pain – fear of insecurity)

RajanI always have the idea that I might lose my job after getting married.

NaranAffirm, “Marriage makes me feel more secured, professionally”. The pain should go then. The pain did go within a day.

Dec 26, 2005

RajanI have pain in my middle back.

Naran Right or Left

RajanBoth sides, though more on the right side.

Naran Left middle back means “Needs” and right middle back means “Desires”. The body says that you need to get married. When you have the desire to get married, why you resist it? In addition, you have the “Need”, meaning, it is important that you should get married. Do not resist it. Affirm, “Everything happening (in my life) is perfect”. The arrangement to meet the girl was happening, in spite of his mental resistance. Now, after doing the affirmation, the pain vanishes!

Jan 10, 2006He met the girl and liked her. Now, whether to marry her or not – a typical Rajan’s confusion, tormented him. He developed itching on both the thighs. Naran Thighs mean transition. It shows that you are not ready to go into the next phase of your life! Itching on right thigh means, “Move Forward” and on left thigh means, you are repeating the past mistake. You are not doing the transition to your marriage smoothly. Affirm, “All my needs and desires related to my marriage are fulfilled”. This will make your transition easy. His itching stopped.

Jan 11, 2006Next day morning he woke up with the cold. His body never gave up! Naran Getting cold, means that you are resisting something. Affirm, “I release my resistance and I allow divinity to take over my life.” Finally, Divinity enters his life, which he was resisting all along. His Cold had gone without him neither incurring expenditure nor using any medicine.

Feb 05, 2006However, suddenly – all this can happen only in Rajan’s life, another proposal came. Instead of pain, now he developed numbness in the right leg. Naran Body says, “Do not get confused and be stuck up! You are unable to say yes to the previous proposal and at the same time, you do not have the guts to see another one. Hence, I have become numb”. Rajan What should I do? Naran The body says, “Surrender”. Affirm, "Let the Divinity guide me. I will surrender”. In addition, the body says, “Do not think. If you think, you will become confused and will make no movement in your life (numb)”.

May 19, 2006He surrendered, and the numbness went off. He saw only one girl only and he got married to her. Ultimately, the body did not allow him to take any other decision. It has already decided that he should marry her (his wife). He meekly followed its decision. Why he could not do anything by himself? Why his conscious mind did not work at all? These questions only divinity can answer. I can only say, for the first time in his life – Time, Divinity, and his Body overtook him :)


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