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Mantras for Relationships for Life


May 24 2009: 21.00 hours After the astrological compatibility processes, my mother informed Priya’s mother that the horoscope match is good, and let us know the date of visit to their home. Priya’s mother replied, “As my daughter is having her exams from 30th May to June 10th please visit us after June 10th 2009. Let me check with her father”. My enthusiastic mother felt disappointed and said “OK, we will visit you after June 10th 2009”. Later my mother told me that things were happening quickly but they have asked us to wait for 15 more days! My sister suggested that “Lets chant the 5 line mantras on relationship building”. We chanted immediately.

May 24 2009: 22.00 hours Priya’s father called up my mother and said “The exams are starting on 30th May 2009. We would like to invite you at the earliest and if it works for you, you can visit us on 27th May 2009, Wednesday at Chennai”. My mother replied, “Let me check with my children on their availability and come back to you”. We chanted mantras so that my father agrees to visit Priya’s home. The trip for Wednesday was confirmed by both of us. There was a positive outcome and they too were much excited to meet us.

May 27 2009 After learning that the intentions plays a bigger role, I made single-minded intentions and it powered the process and things continued to happen one after the other in ease. Additionally, the mantras were used at all stages as I was not sure how far my intentions or thoughts are strong enough to make this push. Through out the trip, my father co-operated in full. To our surprise my father had gone to silence and accepted what ever was told. I carried SWEET CHESTNUT, SCLERANTHUS and WILD ROSE with me, gave an intention that all things happen in good way. We thought of being there for 30 to 45 minutes, but it went for 2 + hours. Everyone was comfortable. We confirmed that we like the family and the girl. Priya’s father said “we will keep you posted in 2 days”.

May 28 2009: 07.30 hours My mother called up and said “They like us and want to move to the next step as well as discuss on plans after the exams are over”. Chanted the 5 line mantras on the water and drank it. There were lot of changes in the body and the vibrations were good and energetic.

June 07 2009 Priya’s parents, sister, her uncle and his friend visited our home at Trichy. WALNUT was mixed with water and was sprayed at home. The visit was good and almost 2+ hours they were at our home. The dates were discussed and confirmed. The engagement is on 12 July 2009 @ Chennai and the wedding on 30 Aug 2009 @ Trichy. Even now, I use to think how all these moments happened like an automated un-folding process. Even the happening at Priya’s side was happening like a free flow process as I have intended and it continues to happen in free flow.


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