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Mantra to alleviate anger, fear(New)

ॐ तमसे नमः

Om Thamasay Namaha

Life situations where this mantra can be useful

1. Alleviates fear

2. To handle anger issues

3. Removes the emotional pain

4. Removes negative state of chattering mind

5. Removes anxiety

6. Removes irritative behavior

Case study

Naran Sir had given me this mantra for anger issues. I had been chanting this for the past 5 days. It works miraculously. It takes away the negative energies from emotional pain and much more. It seems to be working almost on all negative issues. It gave effect from day one itself. Instantly it starts working. I feel less anxious, less fearful.

Not worrying much. My irritation is reduced. Thanks to Naran Sir.


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