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Manage Your Life with Switch Words Part II


Money Flow – Case HistoryI had a problem with my finance department for last one month. My emails to them had no effect. They didn’t credit the amount due. I consulted Naran S. Balakumar, who asked me to chant “TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE”. I did chant for a day. My account was credited within a day. I shared this story with my husband, who had no pending money from anybody. Still he chanted for two days. Third day he received a communication from the government that there is 3% increase in pay rise.

Attitude for GratitudeAlways lead a life of gratitude. Affirm, “SORRY, FORGIVE ME, LOVE, THANKS, DIVINE” to be in the in the attitude of gratitude. The intention is created by us to make things happen. But thanks to divinity it’s happening. Therefore, make the intention. Though, at the back of the mind say to yourself, “It’s not happening because of me. Divine is around me, which I am not able to tap. Without my knowledge, it comes to help me and goes away. Therefore, I should live in the attitude of gratitude”.


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