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Make one talk

BhuvanaI feel my husband is not transparent with me sometimes. Yes, he hides so many things from me. However, he is not going in any wrong way. Still it's painful for me. If I go ahead and talk to him about this, we end up in fight and the day is so painful.

NaranChant “AGRIMONY, CHESTNUT BUD” over a glass of water and drink it daily.

ExplanationThe negative Agrimony person will not reveal his feelings. He will be hiding, what he does. When questioned, he will say “nothing” to avoid being exposed. Avoidance is the negative aspect of Chestnut Bud. To know the truth from the person, both are given. Then the person will open up. Thus, AGRIMONY and CHESTNUT BUD will help them to open up and share their inner turmoil. This combination is good for patients who go for a psychotherapy session. Without any difficulty they will share their feelings.


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