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Life need not be taxing

Client, February 25, 2014 Good morning to you - whenever I face any problem I think Naran will help me. I am facing some block - Salary team has rejected my proofs towards house rent. They are asking for PAN No of Land lord. I am not able to provide as my LL does not have. As per IT Tax, where there is no PAN no, the LL can give a declaration that they are not assessed for tax. I have given them the same. They have raised an objection.  I have represented. Please let me know what I must chant to see that my representation get accepted or I will be losing about Rs.25, 000.


Client, April 4th, 2014I join my hands in utmost gratitude and thank you for your valuable divine guidance - Salary team has accepted my proofs. And the problem is solved.


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