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Naran S BalakumarWhenever you are prevented or stopped, and there are obstacles CORAL and YELLOW SAPPHIRE When something is delayed CORAL If there is a black mark in the office or if one is black-listed DIAMOND If the name is spoiled or blotted DIAMOND Some people get into rage for trivial matters BLUE SAPPHIRE Unwelcome situations Even though some situations are unwelcome, you have to reconcile and accept. To establish harmony, EMERALD is the key. Somebody is controlling you If there is always somebody, who is controlling you, then you will not be controlled: RUBY To earn more YELLOW SAPPHIRE Restrict debts, for any type of recurring obstacles “I want to reduce my debts (they have to use this expression). Whatever I do is not reducing my debts” – then give them the gem remedy BLUE SAPPHIRE. When your debts are getting increased then BLUE SAPPHIRE would help you to reduce it. Expansion of business YELLOW SAPPHIRE, CORAL For any recovery RUBY is the remedy. From business loss one has to recover from their debts and start a new business, Ruby can help. Whenever you are about to speak to higher authorities Take BLUE SAPPHIRE, (Bach Flower Remedies) WATER VIOLET and LARCH. You will know what to speak to them. If you have work at government offices Take RUBY. Before visiting income tax office Take RUBY. The staff will show you respect.

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