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Kalam Namamyaham mantra audio

Updated: Feb 15

One of Naran Sir students had lost his mother at an age fairly young according to him. He was always thinking that she should not have died that young, that it was not fair etc., He had not been able to accept his mother's death or let it go.

Naran Sir gave him Kalam Namamyaham audio mantras and he listened to it.

After a month or so, he came and visited Naran Sir.

He said he felt acceptance now and had let it go.

He wondered why the mantras helped in this.

Dharamaraajam Namamyaham

Samaanam Namamyaham

Kruthaantham Namamyaham

Dhanda-Dharam Namamyaham

Kaalam Namamyaham

Yamam Namamyaham

Punyamitram Namamyaham

Eesam Namamyaham

In this, we see that God of Death Yama does his work without any discretion or any bias. The mantra "Kruthaantham Namamyaham" is key because it states that He does his work right on time. He does not delay or come sooner. He takes the atma only at that due designated time.

The message is that we should not think it is unfair or blame anyone. God of Death works as per the time. Thus Kaalam Namamyaham.


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