June 19 - Mantras for Total Wellbeing - Recorded workshop

This workshop video recording also contains powerful mantra 

- To activate liver and its secretion

- To activate stomach, pancreas, spleen

- To activate small, large intestine

- It balances all the harmones like insulin, Glucagon, epinephrine, cortisol and very good for diabetic patients

- A powerful mantra for absorption, assimilation and elimination of waste products from the body.

- To purify the blood

- To balance the sugar metabolism

- To develop robust bones

- To develop bone marrow

- To develop, increase and sustain the Tejas of the body

- Ultimate total vitality

Cost : Rs.600/-

Contact any of the following regional admins for payment mode and details.

Ms.Irene - Mumbai: + 91 98212 33349

Ms.Kamlu - New Delhi : +91 99999 98944

Mr. Ravi - Bangalore : +91 99168 13601

Mr.Pavan- Hyderabad : + 91 98490 59601

Ms.Uma - Chennai : +81 70 4448 0979 (Whatsapp message only)

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