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Job Scare

Naran S. Balakumar to Narayan The God has given the job to you, to take care of your material comfort. The company is a channel created by God. He is your employer. When you accept this fact, you will never lose your job. Even if you lose it, then it is a message from God that a new job is waiting for you out there somewhere. Do not be afraid, as everything will work out for your good. It is Divine's Will. When you accept this fact whole-heartedly, you will never be sitting idle at home, even for a single day. Let us say there is a gap between two jobs then the message from god is, "Take rest, and learn something that will be useful for your next job!" Chant “MIMULUS, GENTIAN, WALNUT” (MIMULUS for fear of losing job, GENTIAN to avoid any regression and WALNUT to feel secured for the next few days) Everything will happen for good. Narayan said good-bye to Naran with a relieved face.


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