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Job Mantras

  1. SCLERANTHUS: The unsteady mind will always have an unsettled life. One day you have the desire to go for the job. The very next day you have resistance to go to the job (changeable mood or mood swings). Scleranthus will give you a steady and stable mind, and helps yousettle down.

  2. HORNBEAM: Of course steadiness in the job for 10-15 years doesn’t indicate growth. You need to move forward in life.

  3. ROCK ROSE: To have determination and commitment and a “never-say-die spirit”

  4. WALNUT: You would have taken this pattern from one of your parents or ancestors. To break the pattern, Walnut is needed.

  5. The fifth could be any one of the following three, based on your mental states:

  6. Gentian: To be upbeat and optimistic in all circumstances

  7. Willow: if you have resentment and feel that your counter-parts or juniors are doing better, even though you are better qualified.

  8. Larch: if you think others are smart and more capable than in utilizing their opportunities, while you are not (lack of confidence) All remedies have to be taken separately; two pills each, with a gap of five minutes, and twice a day. Chant the switch words: MOVE ON FIND COUNT DIVINE JOB Move on: now you are not in a job, so you need to move on, Find Count Divine: to get a good salary Job: Goal.


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