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Is it right to pray to the divine?

Some people say that God knows everything and why should I pray.

Asking God for something. Is it right?

Is the prayer right or wrong?

Yes. It is correct. In Bagavad gita Lord Krishna says this.

Arjuna asked the same question for which Krishna answers.

"Whoever is asking me is asking me only.

How can he be wrong?"

It means that you can ask God. That's the conclusion.

Further on, he says that there are four levels of people.

"All the four levels of people are dear to me.

One Level is the people who are in difficulties; distress. They pray to me only. Let them Pray.

Other set of people may want to know the truth of life and they pray.

There are other set of people who pray "I want this" or "I want that". Every desire gets fulfilled and another desire crosses and he prays to me. There is no end to it. Even that is correct.

There is one called "Gnani" or wise person who has understood the truth of life. All are good people with good heart. Because, they are asking me only.

They are not asking anyone."

How to make the desiring right? When Buddha says "dont desire anything"


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