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Impatiens Discussion with Naran

What is the mental state of an IMPATIENS? The person is very eager to do something or strongly desires for something, and therefore becomes restless and impatient. Then they try to finish every single task quickly and thoughtlessly (impetuous). Thus, an Impatiens person will be careless and hasty.

What are the signs of IMPATIENS persons? They are annoyed easily, tend to be irritated when kept waiting and if work is delayed. They are eager to do something immediately, and unwilling to wait for a start. In general, they are impetuous, nervous, restless, uneasy, and hasty. He is restless – constantly moving, and unable to sit quiet. In a clinic, you may notice while most of the patients are waiting patiently to meet the doctor, a person is restless – denoting his Impatiens nature. Sometimes, when we worry in the night, we will spend a restless night. Because the impatiens person is reckless, he will act impulsively – moving with great force and energy. Thus, impatiens persons will be great energy losers. The impatiens person acts in a hurry, either due to his impetuosity or lack of time.When there is a lack of time, we tend to do things in a hurry, without any thoughtfulness.


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