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If you.... statements and remedies


If you.... (then you need it) AgrimonyIf you are with false cheer; wearing a smiling face, in spite of the worryWhite chestnutIf you have obsessive thoughts – a same scene or though is circulating in the mindRed chestnutIf you have obsessive concern or worry about near and dear onesPineIf you feel guiltyChestnutbudIf you lack concentration; poor memoryHoneysuckleIf you are indulging in memories of the pastLarchIf you lack self-confidence MimulusIf you have fear; afraid of anything, or any person If you are shy AspenIf you have unknown imaginary fear Star of BethlehemIf you are in shockWild Oat If you are unfulfilled, and not satisfied with any work that you are presently in and for the great confusion of “standing at the cross roads" CeratoIf you have self-doubt and asking opinions from others ScleranthusIf you are being indecisive GentianIf you are discouraged and feel unlucky when failure strikes Wild roseIf you don’t have motivation to do any work or feeling apathetic MustardIf you are depressed and you don’t know why - If you have Unknown depression GorseIf you are sure that you won’t get, feeling hopeless Sweet ChestnutIf you are in total despair –desperateHornbeamIf you are lazy and lethargic; having Monday morning blues for any work before starting Centaury If you are weak-willed and can’t say “NO” OliveIf you are feeling exhausted totally physically after work ElmWhen you suddenly think, that you are doing too much and feel a sudden energy loss (inadequacy)OakIf you are workaholic; when your genuine efforts are not rewarded If you are trying for Job If you are searching for a suitor for childrenHeatherWhen you need appreciation from others. BeechIf you criticize others and find fault with others - If you are intolerant ImpatiensIf you are impatient ChicoryIf you are possessive; stingy; demanding; interfering in others’ affairs WillowIf you are blaming others, having bitterness. HollyIf you have rage or vengeance or hatred or envy or jealousy. Cherry plumIf you are hysteric, losing self-control. Water violetIf you keep yourself aloof; if you don’t socialize because of superiority complex Rock waterIf you are rigid and highly principled VineIf you are willful - headstrong or adamant VervainIf you are highly excited and are mentally unable to relax –hyperactive Crab appleIf you have fear of infection. When you are concerned about your appearance WalnutIf you are in transition Rescue Remedy If you have any kind of Emergency


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