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I wonder why good people get cancer

Naran S Balakumar Why the physical problems do come? Please understand that we are not responsible for them in any manner, though we have learnt so far that there is a mind-body connection for any type of physical problem. How physical problem do happen? We also wonder sometime why some good people are affected by diseases like cancer. We have learnt that anger and hatred is responsible for cancer. We are made to believe that.

Why words are so powerful? In human terms, we call certain words are negative and some other words as positive. As far as the words are concerned there is nothing negative or positive. It is your attribution. Your judgment about words makes you differentiate so.

Even when you are not an angry person, how come you get cancer? Let us consider the word ELIMINATE, which can be used both positively and negatively. It’s only a word. Some people say, “Unless I eliminate my mother-in-law, I can’t be happy”. It’s a negative usage of the word ELIMINATE. “Somehow or other he should be ELIMINATED from office” – a person might say. In sports, they call something as ELIMINATION round. If you again and again use the word ELIMINATE or ELIMINATION then one might get cancer.

Remedy If somebody uses the word Eliminate repeatedly then give them the remedy CRAB APPLE.

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