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I got the Right Guidance from My Body

Ms A Dear Naran, I would like to thank you for providing us all such wonderful remedies. After attending the class Mind - body I went home. I went through the manual you had provided to us, especially the list of messages. I selected one point from them. It was, "Get the guidance from the right person. Release your anxiety". In addition, I took the affirmation which you had given for the lower back pain. The affirmation is, "I release all my past. I am at peace. Divinity takes care of my future". I was chanting for five minutes and slept. When I got up, I was 75% relieved from my pain, which had been there for last one year and was feeling very fresh. In the morning, I could easily get up from my bed without any pain. I am still continuing the same affirmation. Once again thank you for the remedy.

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